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Established in October 2002, the Sircer Pasha Welfare Trust (SPWT) is a UK registered charity that is committed to caring for the poor in the rural village areas of Sarishabari, Jamalpur, Bangladesh with regard to health, education, employment training and shelter.

It seeks to deliver sevices to the most vulnerable regardless of background. Commited to complete transparency and accountability the Sircer Pasha Welfare Trust seeks to develop programmes that are innovative, effective and efficient.

We are heavily committed to empowering communities, developing programmes that can be locally autonomous and self sustainable especially with regard to addressing difficult and sometimes sensitive social problems. Working over 24 years with large teams of local and international doctors, health workers, teachers, tailors and support staff SPWT delivers long term impact.

SPWT aims to be caring and visionary and thus welcomes those who are so to join us.

Meet our team
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