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Support our campaign that women count! Help women have access to care during pregnancy so they can deliver safely without risking their lives.


Just £10 a month can allow life saving surgery.


Help children from some of the poorest backgrounds receive high quality education.


Just £5 a month  can support a child through school.

Partner with our school and get connected! We enourage schools to partner with SPWT school to increase global understanding and commonality.. Have cultural exchanges, share stories, send letters, videos and lessons to learn about each other!


Whether you want to do a one off or monthly donation, or support a specific programme. Please click here to donate.



SPWT welcomes volunteers both in the UK and in Bangladesh. For the past 15 years we have had volunteers who have helped provide medical care, perform needs assessments and surveys, teach english or be classroom assistants, hold sports events and much more.

If you are enthusiastic, flexible and committed to helping to improve the lives of those less fortunate CONTACT US !!!!!


Nominate SPWT as the charity you wish your institution to support. From bake sales to marathons SPWT is grateful for any support given. Every penny counts! And you can rest assured SPWT is a hard working charity positively influencing the lives of many.

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